How should I store my chocolate
Chocolate is best stored in a cool, dry place ideally between 15-20 degrees celsius. Keep your chocolate out of direct heat or sunlight and away from strongly fragranced items. Do not store your chocolate in the fridge as this can cause condensation to form on the chocolate.

What is the best way to store my candle
Please store your candles away from direct sunlight – soy wax will sweat and melt in higher temperatures.

How do I care for my candle
The best way to care for your candle and ensure it lasts the longest time possible is to always burn it long enough for the wax to melt to the side of the glass, but not for more than about 4 hours at a time, and to always trim the wick before re-lighting the candle. Important - Do not burn the candle with less than 1cm of wax in the bottom as this can heat up the glass jar and cause it to crack.

What methods of payment
Credit card, debit card and paypal.

Why do our pots not have drainage holes
We use an inbuilt filtration system in each of our pots therefore our pots do not come with drainage holes. Our first layer consists of river stones, followed by charcoal, then premium soil. Depending on the plant we sometimes add sphagnum moss to the top.

Do you include any receipts/billing information
We do not, no prices, receipts or billing information will be included. Only the shipping information will be included.

Do you do bulk orders
Absolutely! We do discounts on bulk orders on 5 plus plants. Please email the team at 

What if I need to change my order
If the plant has not been sent, please email us on and we will attempt to resolve your query as soon as we can.

What happens if my order is damaged in transit?
We use a specialist courier to ensure the best care is taken with our deliveries. In the unlikely event that your item is damaged in transit, please contact us within 48hours of delivery and we will replace your gift . Send a photograph of the damaged item to and we will be in contact!