Plant Parenthood

Keeping it green.

Add a touch of green to your space with our trendy and hassle-free plants, but remember: nature has a mind of its own. Don't let unexpected environmental factors cramp your plant's style and happiness.

Give your indoor plants a long and happy life with our easy care instructions.

Water Seasonally

We recommend watering weekly (we call it Water Wednesday) in warmer months and fortnightly in cooler months to avoid brown leaves and leaf-fall.

Be Light Aware

Most indoor plants prefer filtered light near a window, but avoid direct midday sun. Too much light can cause leaf burn, spotting or sudden leaf-fall, while too little light can cause your plant to wither.

Repot or Top-up

We recommend repotting every spring or summer. If they seem happy in their current pot, top them up with fresh soil instead. Beware drooping leaves, slow growth and firm soil, as they may need a new home.

Remove Dust

Houseplants collect dust over time, which can block a leaf's pores. When you notice dust, clean the leaves gently with a damp cloth.

Maintain Moisture

Stick your fingers about 3cm deep into the soil, and if it feels dry, your plant needs a healthy top-up of water.

Provide Space

Keep your plant about 2 meters away from any heating or cooling devices to avoid drying it out. During winter months, misting your plant will help keep its leaves fresh and maintain moisture in the air.

Remember, a happy plant means a happy home!

Care Instructions by Plant

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