When to repot.

As a general rule, we recommend you repot your house plants yearly in the spring or summer months when your plants are in their growing stage. However, if your plants are still happy in their current pot you can simply top up the plant with fresh premium soil.

There are several signs that will appear if your plant will need to be re-potted:
- The plant begins to drop
- Slow growth
- The soil around the plant is very firm to touch

While we pride ourselves on quality, stylish and low maintenance plants, nature can be unpredictable. If you have tried everything in our care instructions and your plant is still not thriving, here are some common reasons your plant may be a little sad:

Overwatering – This is the most common reason to make your indoor plant unhappy. Overwatering can cause leaves to brown and leaf-fall. All plants are different, and all environments are different so as a general rule we recommended watering your indoor plant weekly in warmer months and fortnightly in cooler months. 

Underwatering – stick your fingers about 3cm deep into the soil, if it feels dry it likely needs a little water. 

Too much light – Most indoor plants don’t like direct midday sun, so be wary of this when placing plants in your home. There are very obvious warning signs to look out for, such as left burn, spotting or sudden leaf-fall. Don’t panic, most plants can easily be rescued by changing their location to filtered light. 

Too little light – all plants need a form of light to grow, they do not do well in the dark. Filtered light near a window is ideal. 

Artificial heating and cooling – make sure your plant is placed approximately 2 metres away from heating or cooling devices. Misting your plants when the heater is on or during winter months will help present some moisture in the air and also help keep leaves looking fresh. 

Houseplants collect dust which over time can block a leaf’s pores. When you notice dust, clean the leaves with a damp cloth. 

Hot tip – set a reminder to water your plants! At the plant mail we call it Water Wednesday.

If your plant is still struggling, we recommend doing some research on your specific plant and environment to get to the root of your problem. Look online, watch Youtube videos or download apps to help you care for your plant.