How to winter-proof your plants
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How to winter-proof your plants

The cooler months can be hard on your green family. There's less light, less warmth and whilst we love cranking the central heating or radiator up, this is usually a cause of upset for tropical plants that love humidity. But worry not - make some small changes to your plant's care routine and they will breeze the winter months.

1. Reduce Watering

Plant growth slows during the winter meaning your green friends won’t need as much hydration. Only water when the top 2-3 inches of soil feel dry.

2. Ditch the Cold Water

Cold water can shock your houseplants. Hydrate them with room temperature water where possible during the cooler months.

3. Increase Humidity

The central heating and radiators we use to warm up in winter can dry out your plants. Give your tropical plants he extra humidity they need by misting regularly with tepid water. A pebble tray or humidifier are also a great help to your plant pals during the colder months.

4. Give Them More Light

Reposition your houseplants to give them more light during the darker months. You can also add an LED growing light for a more concentrated hit.

5. Take a Fertiliser Break

With reduced growth during the darker months, fertiliser can actually cause a build-up of salts and minerals in your houseplants soil. Pop it to the back of your cupboard to re-introduce in spring.